Doi Suthep Temple & Hmong Village


We will go by car and stop at Doi Suthep stations to learn the simple way of life in Hmong Hilltribe.
Then we will proceed to visit the most famous temple in the north on top of the hill, Wat Phra Temple, which contains a sacred relic of Buddha and can be reached by 306 steps, surrounded by the legendary Nagas Balustrade on both sides, and panoramic views of the city from the temple grounds where the view is truly amazing on a clear day.
We will then visit the village of the Hmong which is the second-largest tribe group in Thailand. There are an estimated 125,000 Hmong living in Thailand, making it the second-largest minority group.
The Hmong are spread throughout Southeast Asia and can be found in southern China, northern Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.

The Itinerary:

Pick up at 08.00 – 08.30 AM
• We’ll visit Doi Suthep temple which contains 306 steps.
• Then we’ll visit the Hmong village.
• Return to the hotel at 12.00 – 13.00.


•  All transfers an air-conditioned.
• All entries.


• Personal or special requests.
• Any tips.