Kintamani Heights, Toya Devasya Resort (Hot Springs) and Rice Terraces

Type of Tour: Full Day


First, head to the Kintamani Highlands, which is the best destination on this tour, where we will stop at a panoramic point, from which we will see the huge crater of Mount Batur volcano a place estimated at an area of ​​about 13 square km. This crater is surrounded by the attractive nature of this site in addition to a huge lake, which makes the scene more wonderful.
A short time to take pictures and then head to Toya Devasya Resort to spend a fun time swimming and recreation in the hot water and in more than one pool, the most important of which is the panoramic pool that overlooks the lake with a beautiful scene
The third destination will be to stop at the coffee farms and taste the local coffee, tea, and chocolate at Bali Coffee Agro tourism. The farms in Bali are famous for cultivating many types of coffee, including the most expensive in the world, called Kopi Luwak coffee, and the price per kilo ranges from 350 to 500 dollars due to the lack of Its production and method As kopi luwak is coffee made from coffee cherries that have been eaten, digested and excreted by the Asian palm civet, a small mammal that resembles a cross between a cat and a raccoon.
Then visit the terraces and rice farms of Tegalalang Rice Terrace, which is one of the most wonderful scenic views in the Ubud region, where the terraces of rice farms gradually gradual form a breathtaking and beautiful view and add to the splendor of the place the cool breezes that characterize this place and the visitor can practice riding a swing overlooking the rice terraces or some Among the activities featured in this place are Superman Zipline, Zipline, Single or Couple Tree Swing, Sky Bike.

The Itinerary:

  • Pick up from the hotel.
  • Stop at Kintamani Highlands.
  • Stop at Toya Devasya Resort.
  • Stop at Tegalalang Rice Terrace.
  • Return to hotel.


  • Included Privet car & Driver for Full Day.
  • Entry fee to Volcano Highland, Rice Fields.


  • Entry to Toya Devasya Hot spring Water, $16 Per Person
  • Gratuities.
  • Any special requests.
  • Other additional charges.